Marriage is a gift from God and a means of God’s grace. Marriage is a commitment to enter into relationship where mutual love can be fostered for comfort and help in experiencing the joys and challenges of life. We welcome those who seek to be united in Christian love and seek the promise of lifelong companionship and commitment.

Do we need to be members of Park Royal United to be married in the church?
No. All marriage requests first go to our minister at Park Royal United. The minister will meet with the couple to hear the story of their love and their hopes for a ceremony. After this the minister will forward the request to the Church Session for final approval.

How many people can you seat in your church?
We can seat up to 500 people in our sanctuary.

Do you offer marriage preparation classes?

We do not offer full marriage preparation classes. If their aspects of married life that you wish to discuss then the ministers are more than happy to have those conversations with you.

Do you officiate at outdoor weddings?
Yes. We are flexible and able to meet you in your chosen place after consultation with one of the ministers.

**The ministers are happy to work with you to create a meaningful worship experience for your special day. If you are interested in having your wedding at Park Royal United please give us a call at (902) 894 9656.

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