Frequently Asked Questions


When should I get there?

Our worship service begins at 10:30am. People generally arrive anywhere from 10am onward. If you’re running a bit late that’s perfectly fine. The doors will be open and there will always be a place for you to join us.


What should I wear?

Many people enjoy dressing in their ‘Sunday Best.’ However, formal attire is not a requirement for your attendance with us. Come as you are! Jeans and t-shirts or suits and dresses are all welcome when we gather to worship God.


How does bad weather affect the worship service?

We always try to have a worship service each Sunday of the year. However, the weather doesn’t always allow us to. During the winter months we do occasionally have to cancel a service and close the church because of inclement weather. We always want to make sure that folks put their safety first when considering venturing out in bad weather.

If the current weather forecast doesn’t look good and we decide to cancel the service there are a few ways that we will try to get the word out:

  • Radio – we try to have our cancellation broadcast on OCEAN 100 by 8:30am.
  • Facebook – we will update our Facebook status.
  • Website – we will update our church website with a message regarding cancellation.
  • Voicemail – we will update the voicemail at the office to inform you of a closure.

As always, when deciding whether or not to travel please consider your safety first!


What programs are available for children/youth at Park Royal?

We greatly value the presence of all generations at Park Royal. Children and Youth are welcome to attend the worship service. We want them to be themselves. Don’t worry about them being too loud or running around too much, we are glad to have them in our community.

We have Sunday School classes from age three right up to the teenage years. Sunday School usually begins about 20 minutes into the service after Rev. Bill shares a lesson or story with the children.

For younger ones there is a nursery downstairs that has volunteers present. Feel free to leave your little one there for some playtime or you can stay with them.

There is also a quiet room at the back of the sanctuary. The sights and sounds of the worship service can be enjoyed from there as your child plays or you can rock your little one while they are sleeping.


Will I be asked to give money?

During our regular Sunday worship, an offering is taken up. The money from this offering goes towards the many ministries here at Park Royal as well the outreach work that our church takes part in. It helps to fund programs for both members and non-members of our church.

If you are able to give something towards the ministry of our church, we greatly appreciate it. However, if you are unable to contribute or simply want to get to know us better before doing so then that is perfectly fine. Your presence in our community is the greatest blessing you can give us.

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